Specialist Volvo Audio Integration products to improve upon the factory/OEM installed speaker setup.

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  • ZDAPV1

    ZDAPV1 Volvo DSP Power Up Kit

  • ZDAPV2

    ZDAPV2 Volvo DSP Power Upgrade Kit

  • ZDAPV3

    ZDAPV3 Volvo DSP Power Up Kit

  • ZXMPV3

    ZXMPV3 Volvo Plug and Play Power Up Kit

  • ZXMSV1 Volvo XC40 Subwoofer Amplifier

  • ZDSV25T 40W Volvo Tweeter Upgrade Kit

  • ZDSV4C 60W Volvo Speaker Upgrade Kit

  • ZDSKV3 Volvo 2-Way Speaker Kit

  • ZDSV1 Volvo 3-Way Speaker Kit

  • ZDSV2 Volvo 2-Way Speaker Kit

  • ZDSV6C

    ZDSV6C 6.5″ 100W Volvo Midbass