The ZR-Series is premium in power and control. Offering a complete range of products including Amps, Subwoofers, Speakers and Amp wiring kits, the ZR series is the powerhouse of products. Designed to play loud but at a very high level of quality. If you are looking for massive power but like nice and clean sound! ZR is the series for you!

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  • ZR65CS

    ZR65CS 6.5″ High Power Component Speakers

  • ZMAX18PB 8″ Subwoofer Box

  • ZR10P 10″ Compact Subwoofer 400W

  • ZMAX122

    ZMAX122 High SPL 12″ Subwoofer

  • ZONE122 12-Inch High SPL Subwoofer

  • ZMAX82 High SPL 8″ Subwoofer

  • ZR10001-1

    ZR10001 1000W Monoblock Class-D Amplifier

  • ZR12005 5-Channel Powerful and compact Class D Amplifier

  • ZR20001

    ZR20001 2000W Monoblock Class-D Amplifier

  • ZR6004 600W 4-Channel Class-D Amplifier

  • ZRK10

    ZRK10 – Amplifier Wiring Kit

  • ZRK20

    ZRK20 Amplifier Wiring Kit

  • ZRK35

    ZRK35 Amplifier Wiring Kit

  • ZRK50

    ZRK50 Amplifier Wiring Kit