The Tweeters control the high frequency outputs of your audio creating the complete sound when combined with speakers and subwoofers.

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  • ZPROR25T

    ZPROR25T – 1”/ 25mm Titanium Pro Audio Tweeters | Premium Aluminium Finish | 200W Peak and 100W RMS

  • RXCS1T – 19mm Tweeter | Neodymium Motor Structure Surface | Flush Mounting Hardware Included

  • ZDSB100CS

    ZDSB100CS 120W BMW Speaker Upgrade Kit | 25mm Soft Dome Tweeters | Drastically improved Audio Experience

  • ZDSV25T 40W Volvo Tweeter Upgrade Kit | 25mm Titanium Domed Tweeters | Excellent high frequency tones

  • ZPRO36-1

    ZPRO36 – 3.6″ Pro Audio tweeter with Aluminum Diaphragm | 150 Watt Peak

  • ZX1TC

    ZX1TC – 1-Inch 25mm Soft dome tweeter with with filter | 40 Watt Peak