Innovation & design

Innovation and design are in the DNA of Phoenix Gold. Striving for excellence over many decades to provide the best quality products and service to our valued customers, who have dedicated their own time to the celebration of the brand. We at PG have teams around the world dedicated to providing new innovations just as we have since we introduced our 24K gold plated MS-250 and MS-2125 in 1990.

Innovation MS-2125-banner

Building future products

These innovative ideas are not just limited to our special edition products but our speakers, subwoofers and of course our fantastic range of amplifiers. Whether it be a better acoustics, a purer sound or just plain volume and power, you can be sure our teams are working on improvements to give our community the best possible product we can.

Design Bench-Test


You can be sure we have a fantastic selection of exciting new ideas on the way along with new ranges of all our products and so much more that we can’t wait for you to hear about. While we can’t reveal exact details of our latest projects, make sure you check out our social media channels for the latest information on what we’re working on.