The ZQ-Series embodies Phoenix Gold’s core values, preserving the original features that made the brand renowned. Developed by our R&D team, the ZQ-Series I is designed to be limitless in its outcomes. This progressive range includes amplifiers, DSPs, and will continually evolve. Our R&D team enjoys creative freedom, crafting products they’d personally want in their cars, ensuring optimal sound, performance, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Building on the brand’s history, the ZQ range aims to further enhance its reputation.

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  • ZQDCT LCD Amplifier Controller for the ZQ DSP

    The ZQDCT 3.2-inch LCD is the optimal controller for your Phoenix Gold ZQ DSP amplifier or DSP. Skip between tracks, select a source, control the volume and play/pause music direct from the controller.

  • ZQWCT Amplifier Wireless Controller for the ZQ DSP

    The ZQWCT Amplifier Wireless Controller is the perfect solution to control the main functions of the Phoenix Gold ZQ DSP amplifier or DSP. Skip and forward tracks, select source, control the volume and play/pause music from the controller.

  • ZQ5004 Class A/B High End Amplifier

    The ZQ5004 is an impressive Class A/B high end amplifier which gives the user almost limitless possibilities when it comes to power and sound options. This 4-channel product comes in a compact yet attractive casing suitable for use in a variety of applications. Measuring just 280mm x 200mm the ZQ5004 can easily be hidden away or you could make it the highlight of the installation thanks to its quality black and gold finish.

  • ZQDSP12 12-Channel High End Digital Signal Processor

    The ZQDSP12 is a high end 12-channel Digital Signal Processor giving you all the features needed to create your perfect audio setup, such as fully adjustable filters, EQ with adjustable Q value and time correction. Offering ultimate adjustability the ZQDSP12 lets you listen to the sound exactly how you want it with no compromises. The system even includes a PC application which allows you an easy interface to customise your sound.

  • ZQ15001 Monoblock Class D High End Amplifier

    The ZQ Series of amplifiers feature award winning technology that not only offers a natural uncompromised sound but also a design that represents Phoenix Gold’s past, present, and future all in one. Highly sought after by PG enthusiasts and audiophiles alike, the ZQ Series is a rebirth of PG’s original core values offering premium high-end technology that brings the purest audio sound to the masses.

    The ZQ15001 is a powerful Monoblock Class D amplifier offering up to 1500W of power. This unit is perfect for growing installations over time, offering enough power to start an install and continue giving a smooth power supply as a system is upgraded and updated. The ZQ15001 is a strong durable unit in a attractive compact casing making it usable in a variety of applications.


  • ZQA6.8 6-Channel High End Amplifier with 8-Channel DSP

    The impressive ZQA6.8 is a high-end amplifier and Digital Sound Processor offering amazing sound quality and adjustability to give you the sound quality you want. With both optical and digital inputs, this product emphasises usability allowing you to install the amplifier into your system with ease. The ZQA6.8 is also USB and Bluetooth compatible making it even easier to take control of your amplifier.

  • ZQ9004 4 Channel High-End Amplifier

    The ZQ9004 has a Dual-Power system with an excellent PCBA designed to optimise a clean and efficient power supply to feed the final stage of the amp. This top of the range audio set-up has been developed as a highly exclusive and valuable specialist audio electronics product. Phoenix Gold are constantly endeavouring to meet the growing demands of audio enthusiasts around the world to let them feel the ultimate sound experience.

    Passive components such as capacitors, for example, may not be at the centre of attention when compared to active components, but they still form an indispensable part of the overall result. This is the key to making a really unique amplifier with a fantastic performance.