The High-End ZQ-Series is the essence of Phoenix Gold ground values including the original features that made the brand famous in the beginning. The ZQ-Series is designed to put every little detail at the highest level giving you unbelievable products

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  • ZQ15001 – Monoblock Class D High End Amplifier

  • ZQ5004 – 4-Channel Class A/B High End Amplifier

  • ZQA6.8 – 6-Channel High End Amplifier with 8-Channel DSP

  • ZQDSP12 – 12-Channel High End Digital Signal Processor

  • ZQ9004 – 4 Channel high-end amplifier

  • ZQDCT – 3.2-inch LCD Amplifier Controller for the ZQ DSP

  • ZQWCT – Amplifier Wireless Controller for the ZQ DSP