The ZQ-Series embodies Phoenix Gold’s core values, preserving the original features that made the brand renowned. Developed by our R&D team, the ZQ-Series I is designed to be limitless in its outcomes. This progressive range includes amplifiers, DSPs, and will continually evolve. Our R&D team enjoys creative freedom, crafting products they’d personally want in their cars, ensuring optimal sound, performance, and aesthetically pleasing designs. Building on the brand’s history, the ZQ range aims to further enhance its reputation.

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  • ZQ15001 Monoblock Class D High End Amplifier

  • ZQ5004 Class A/B High End Amplifier

  • ZQA6.8 6-Channel High End Amplifier with 8-Channel DSP

  • ZQDSP12 12-Channel High End Digital Signal Processor

  • ZQ9004 4 Channel High-End Amplifier

  • ZQDCT LCD Amplifier Controller for the ZQ DSP

  • ZQWCT Amplifier Wireless Controller for the ZQ DSP