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Where to Buy

We do not sell direct to consumer. If you are looking to purchase Phoenix Gold products as a trade customer please visit our contact page and select one of the options

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If you require technical support for one of our Phoenix Gold products please use the button below to contact our support team.


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General Questions

Can I buy direct from you?

We don’t sell direct to consumer. To purchase products you will need to apply for an account. To do this please use the links below to fill out an enquiry form once complete one of our team will contact you.

UK Applicants – Click here
European Applicants – Click here
Outside the UK and Europe – Click here

If I already buy some of your other brands can I buy Phoenix Gold products??

If you are interested in selling the Phoenix Gold range, please speak to your sales representative and they will advise.

General enquiries can be made here: ContactEU@phoenixgold-eu.com

Are you part of the American company AAMP Global that own Phoenix Gold?

Phoenix Gold is a brand of AAMP Global, whose US head office is based in Clear Water, Florida. AAMP also has several locations across the globe including the UK and Nordics.

With development and production facilities in both the US and Europe, our global team are working hard to design and develop new products to suit different customers and different markets around the world.

Where can I find your Social Media?

Phoenix Gold’s Social media is perfect for keeping up with everything going on here at PG, you can see all the exciting new products we’re working on, along with keeping up with our latest offers and sales.

You can visit our Facebook page by searching for PhoenixGoldAudioEU
You can visit our Instagram page by searching for @phoenix_gold_audio_eu
You can visit our YouTube page by searching for Phoenix Gold EU – Official

Technical Questions

What Ohm do I get if I connect 2pcs of 4 Ohm speakers?

In parallel you get 2Ohm and if you connect them in series you get 8Ohms.

The formula works like this:

In series:
Two 4 ohm voice coils wired in series, 4 Ω + 4 Ω = 8 Ω
Two 8 ohm voice coils wired in series, 8 Ω + 8 Ω = 16 Ω
Three 4 ohm voice coils wired in series, 4 Ω + 4 Ω + 4 Ω = 12 Ω
Three 8 ohm voice coils wired in series, 8 Ω + 8 Ω + 8 Ω = 24 Ω

In parallel:
Two 4 Ω voice coils in parallel, 4 Ω ÷ 2 coils = 2 Ω
Two 8 Ω voice coils in parallel, 8 Ω ÷ 2 coils = 4 Ω
Four 4 Ω voice coils in parallel, 4 Ω ÷ 4 coils = 1 Ω
Four 8 Ω voice coils in parallel, 8 Ω ÷ 4 coils = 2 Ω

Do the Active Subwoofers have High-Level input?

Yes, all our active subwoofers have both High and low-level input.

Do the Active Subwoofers all have auto start?

Yes, all the active subwoofers have auto start when you use high-level input.

If I set the Gain to MAX do I get full power out?

No, we never recommend you to put Gain to MAX because the subwoofer will play without control and have a lot of distortion that will result in a broken subwoofer

My Subwoofer don’t sound great, why?

The first thing to check is, have you turned the phase up? Check the amp and test when the phase is turned up.

The second thing to check is the low pass crossover. Do you have it set up correctly?

If you are still having problems then please contact our support team <here>

The Amplifier in my Subwoofer doesn’t start?

Check the positive and the negative wiring to make sure they have good connections. Also, check the fuse has not blown.

If you are still having problems then please contact our support team <here>

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