We here at Phoenix Gold are incredibly proud of our community, with 1,000’s of fans around the world who celebrate our brand’s history and products both past and present. There are numerous community ran sites and groups who come together to discuss PG, with some even keeping track of all the serial numbers of our highly sought-after limited-edition products. Many of our products are so desired by our dedicated community that many now outdated and superseded amps are treated like gold on the second-hand market.

Phoenix Gold Phorum

This community of PG enthusiasts is the go-to place for any questions you may have about the brand or our products. The very popular group are more than happy to help new members get to grips with PG installations and even non-Phoenix Gold installs (we won’t hold it against you). But this group is also a destination for all kinds of automotive talk, anyone is welcome here.

Phoenix Gold Registry

The Phoenix Gold Registry was set up by the community to track the location and ownership of the limited-edition amplifiers once offered by PG. If you are searching for a specific limited edition amp make sure you check out the registry to find out what’s on offer and where. If in fact you own a limited edition amp please get in touch with the registry to make sure your amps are on the register and communicate with other fans of the PG amplifiers.

Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook groups surrounding the Phoenix Gold brand including our own official group which we encourage you to like to not only keep up with all our latest news and announcements but to interact with the rest of the community which has grown to more than 77,000 people. But we also encourage you to join the various community run groups such as Phoenix Gold Classifieds which encourages members to show and talk about their PG products along with allowing buying selling and trading of Phoenix Gold audio gear.

Please note:
(Phoenix Gold Phorum, Phoenix Gold Registry and Phoenix Gold Classifieds are not affiliated with Phoenix Gold or the wider AAMP Group, all views are their own and do not represent those of Phoenix Gold or the AAMP Group. Phoenix Gold and AAMP have no liability or affiliation with these groups, their content and risks. When you use any of these groups, you are solely responsible.)