The Limited Edition Line-up

limited edition frank-ampn-stein2


Frank Amp ‘n Stein

– 300pcs made

Our first limited edition amplifier, Frank Amp ‘n Stein, was a result of a customer requesting that two amplifiers be put on a single heat sink. According to the original designer Larry Fredericks, once the request was made, and the project received a green light, his creative ideas started to flow. He came up with the custom design that is seen on the Perspex viewing window and the colour scheme. They decided to use the MQ-430 and MS-2125 because they had about 100 leftover MQ-430 boards (they were not very popular) and decided to pair it with our most popular 2 channel model at the time.

limited edition Outlaw-TheBandit2


Outlaw & The Bandit

– Limited Production

The Outlaw and the Bandit were a pair of special limited edition amplifiers offered under limited production conditions meaning complete numbers produced is difficult to calculate but is thought to be around 1000pcs each. The Outlaw was a large amp with an attractive blue anodized finish with chrome logos and was designed to complement any custom audio installation. The amp contained an M50 2 channel amp and an M100 2-channel amp in one case. Whereas the Bandit was simply an M50 amplifier with a matching colour scheme to The Outlaw.

The Reactor2


– 500pcs made

The Reactor was a very special limited edition amplifier in a custom metal case with blue neon inside to highlight the internal features. The amp came in a yellow flight case that was marked as dangerous material mimicking the nuclear theme. The Phoenix Gold logo was engraved on the top cover along with the build number. The amp was made up of the ZX450 and ZX500 amplifiers.




– 100pcs made

THE ONE is an impressive 12,000 watt monster of an amplifier, seen by many as a modern day classic, only 100 of these limited edition amplifiers were built with 50 going to the USA and 50 to the rest of the world. Because of the power drawn, this amp requires a severely beefed up electrical system. A few of these limited edition amps were attempted on a sub-par electrical system only to become damaged due to voltage drops. Other brands make a similar amplifier but those amps lack the upgraded components and quality parts used in this highly sought after Phoenix Gold model.




– 100pcs made

The ZEN9 is a nine-channel limited edition amplifier, which doesn’t use any crossovers to ensure the output of the amp isn’t negatively affected. The first 8 channels are class AB and staggered in power assuming that they are used for an active setup. The 9th channel is class D, meant for running a subwoofer. 100 examples were made, with 10 extras created for parts when required.

The mythical Amplifier


What is the MPH6300 and does it really exist?

The MPH6300 is literally a one of a kind amplifier, the most limited of limited edition. In fact, there is only one ever made. This amplifier has set the standard of unsurpassed quality that Phoenix Gold amplifiers are known for. The amplifier itself is a hand built six-channel amplifier that uses only the finest audiophile components available on the earth. The switching power supplies are fully copper shielded and isolated from the audio circuits, not to mention the shields are plated with 50 microns of gold to protect from corrosion. All 24 of the 250 watt/50 amp output transistors have been “gain matched” Mil Spec T0-3 power devices. All 18 of the 250 watt/70 amp Mosfet Switchers are “gain and beta matched” Mil Spec TO-3 power devices. It also features a discrete full complementary output design. The amplifier also includes an independent 3 band parametric equalizer. This all adds up to an amplifier that weighs 115 lbs./ 52kg and has a legendary reputation.

MPH6300 Specifications

  • Into 4 ohms @ 12.5 or 14.4 VDC
  • 75 WRMS x 6
  • Into 2 ohms @ 14.4 VDC
  • 150 WRMS x 3
  • Bridged into 4 ohms @ 14.4 VDC
  • 300 WRMS x 3
  • Frequency Response +/-.5dB from 20Hz to 50kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio >110dB
  • Input Sensitivity 200 millivolts to 2 volts
  • Input Impedance >30k ohms
  • Input Voltage Range 10.5 volts to 15.0 volts
  • Typical current draw at idle 3 amps
  • Minimum Impedance 2 ohm bridged/1ohm stereo
  • Crossover Frequency 32 to 400 Hz
  • Crossover Slope Selectable 6, 12, 18, or 24 dB per octave
  • Dimensions, MPH6300 46″L x 14.5″W x 4″H
  • Weight 115 Lbs.

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