ZDSV25T 40W Volvo Tweeter Upgrade Kit

The ZDSV25T is a high-quality tweeter upgrade kit for a variety of different Volvo models (For specific models please view vehicle applications). The tweeter kit includes a pair of impressive 40w tweeters that fit into the original locations of the vehicle and are incredibly easy to install thanks to their plug and play compatibility.

The pair of 25mm titanium domed tweeters provide excellent high tones that audio aficionados will truly appreciate. The kit is simply plug and play and replaces the original tweeters making a drastically improved experience when compared to the standard factory offering or even higher priced options.

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The ZDSV25T, a testament to precision engineering and superior audio innovation, designed to revolutionize the auditory experience within a spectrum of Volvo models. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and technological finesse, this 25mm tweeter upgrade kit redefines the boundaries of high-quality sound reproduction, promising an immersive listening journey that exceeds all expectations.

The ZDSV25T features a pair of 25mm titanium domed tweeters meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional high tones that resonate with audiophiles. With a power handling capability of 40W (MAX) and 20W (RMS), these tweeters guarantee a superior audio performance that elevates your in-car listening experience.

Boasting impressive specifications, the ZDSV25T offers a speaker size of 1″ (25mm) with a nominal impedance of 7.4Ω. The plastic basket, neo magnet, and titanium cone contribute to both durability and superior audio performance.

Experience the power of sonic brilliance with the ZDSV25T—a tweeter upgrade kit that combines innovation and precision to elevate your auditory landscape. Enhance your driving experience and immerse yourself in a world of heightened sound quality that adds depth to every musical note.

Unleash the potential of your Volvo’s audio system with the ZDSV25T—a tweeter upgrade kit that sets new benchmarks for audio brilliance. Elevate your listening pleasure today.

ZDSV25T Product Specifications:

• Speaker Size: 1″ (25mm)
• Power handling (MAX): 40W
• Power handling (RMS): 20W
• Nominal Impedance: 7.4Ω
• Plastic Basket
• Neo Magnet
• Titanium Cone
• Built in 6dB /Oct filter


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Vehicle Application

Vehicle Make Model Year Model Note Fitment
Volvo S90 2017 → Front door + Rear Door
Volvo V60 2019 → Front door + Rear Door
Volvo V90 2017 → Front door + Rear Door
Volvo XC60 2018 → Front door + Rear Door
Volvo XC90 2016 → Front door + Rear Door