Phoenix Gold ZX210PBS Subwoofer Space-Saving Bass Excellence gets 4.5* review by CAR & HiFi


Subwoofers are essential for any audiophile in a world of big bass and thumping beats. Phoenix Gold, a renowned name in car audio, offers a diverse range of subwoofers to cater to various needs and preferences. Phoenix Gold has something for everyone, from the SPL giant ZMAX to compact under-seat options. Today, we will delve into the heart of the Phoenix Gold ZX210PBS subwoofer, which has recently received a fantastic 4.5-star rating and the prestigious “Top Class” award from Car & Hifi International magazine.

Space-Saving Design:

The ZX210PBS isn’t just another subwoofer; it’s a space-saving marvel. Unlike the conventional trunk boxes, this subwoofer is designed with a unique purpose – to save space without compromising on sound quality. The trick lies in its design, with a height of just 14 centimetres, making it incredibly flat. This compact size allows it to either disappear in a double boot floor or occupy minimal space in your boot. What’s more, the flat woofer is loadable, so you can place heavy items on top of it without worrying about damaging the speaker.

Innovative Down-Fire Subwoofer:

The ZX210PBS takes an innovative approach as a down-fire subwoofer. This means that the woofers are built into the bottom of the enclosure, radiating sound downward. This design ensures that the bass driver has only a few centimetres of air, allowing the cone to move freely and the sound to radiate unobstructed. This unique configuration lets you enjoy powerful bass even if you stand behind the speaker, thanks to the spherical sound radiation generated by the large wavelengths.

Flat Woofer Drivers:

To achieve such a flat profile, the engineers at Phoenix Gold had to get creative. They designed a sheet metal frame that appears to have been pressed together in a hydraulic press, effectively reducing the woofer’s overall height. The cone of the Phoenix Gold driver is made from fibreglass, offering a combination of flatness and stability.

Passive Radiator for Extended Bass:

The ZX210PBS includes a passive radiator, which is not a driver but serves a crucial role. This component has no motor and is excited by the powered driver, operating in a precisely calculated resonance system that functions like a vent. This means it extends the frequency response to low frequencies, delivering even more bass. While passive radiators may be more expensive than vents, they occupy less space, making them the ideal choice for this subwoofer.

Impressive Sound Performance:

Measuring just 15 litres, the ZX210PBS‘s enclosure can be tuned remarkably low thanks to the passive radiator. It’s a perfect fit for this type of subwoofer, with a frequency response ranging from about 40 Hz to 100 Hz. The amplitude response shows a characteristic SPL of 86 dB, making it ideal for various music genres. This subwoofer excels at handling low tones, ensuring that everything from double bass to rock music’s thundering bass drum is reproduced with precision and clarity.

ZX210PBS Subwoofer Conclusion:

The Phoenix Gold ZX210PBS is a testament to innovation in the world of car audio. It seamlessly integrates a subwoofer enclosure into your boot without sacrificing precious space, making it ideal for audiophiles who crave both rich bass and efficiency. This subwoofer can do more than you might expect at first glance, making it a standout choice for those who demand quality sound in their car audio setup. With its fantastic 4.5-star rating and “Top Class” recognition, the Phoenix Gold ZX210PBS is a space-saving, bass-excellence solution that deserves a place in your vehicle.

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