Elevate Your Audio Experience in the Mercedes CLA 220d with Our Premium Upgrade

Like most baseline OEM audio systems, the 2017 Mercedes CLA 220d’s factory OEM system, while sounding decent, lacked the energy and clarity in the vocal range that enthusiasts often seek. Upgrading has significantly enhanced this energy and provided the ability to drive the system harder. The front and rear door speakers, while functional, could benefit from improved clarity and dynamic range for a richer listening experience. The tweeters, though adequate, might not deliver the crisp highs some listeners prefer. Additionally, the minimal soundproofing could be more effective in reducing road noise, which impacts the overall audio quality. The basic integration with the vehicle’s infotainment system offers limited control over audio settings, making it challenging to achieve the perfect sound balance. For those seeking an enhanced in-car audio experience, an upgrade is a worthwhile consideration.

With the full Phoenix Gold range at our fingertips, we meticulously designed an upgrade to enhance the audio quality while maintaining the OEM look, feel, and style of the vehicle. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working on this vehicle knows that the tweeter and door speakers are challenging to replace due to their unique placement—the door speakers are sandwiched between the inner door panel, and the tweeters are OEM bespoke, limiting aftermarket options. However, with some simple but clever modifications, we successfully used the original tweeter housing and speaker locations to install the upgraded components.

To retain the original OEM placement of the speakers we replaced the factory front and rear door speakers with the superior Phoenix Gold ZX65C. These speakers are renowned for their high-fidelity sound reproduction, offering a clear and dynamic range that transforms your music into a live concert experience. The ZX65C‘s robust construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity and consistent performance, making them an excellent upgrade over factory-installed options.

The tweeters have been upgraded with the Phoenix Gold ZX20TC, which delivers crisp and precise highs. These tweeters are engineered for clarity and accuracy, ensuring that every detail in your music is heard. Whether it’s the subtle nuances of a classical piece or the high-energy peaks of a rock anthem, the ZX20TC tweeters provide an exceptional listening experience.

To ensure a rich, immersive sound, we’ve added Stinger soundproofing and fast rings. Stinger soundproofing reduces unwanted noise and vibrations, creating a quieter cabin environment. This enhancement not only improves the audio quality but also adds to the overall comfort of your driving experience. Fast rings ensure that the speakers’ sound is directed into the cabin and not lost inside the door panels, maximizing the efficiency and impact of the upgraded speakers.

Our plug-and-play ZDAPMB1 DSP (Digital Signal Processor) optimizes your audio system by providing precise control over the sound output. This DSP allows for detailed tuning and adjustments, ensuring that the audio system performs at its best in the unique acoustic environment of your vehicle. With the ZDAPMB1 DSP, you can customize the sound to your personal preferences, achieving the perfect balance and clarity. The upgrade is rounded off with the Phoenix Gold ZX28PBS Dual 8″ slim passive subwoofer, which brings powerful bass to your audio system. Despite its slim profile, the ZX28PBS delivers

Everything you need for the perfect upgrade

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