ZX28PBS 250W Max Power Slim Passive Subwoofer Box

Big bass in a small box

Experience optimal subwoofer performance in a compact design with the ZX28PBS. This slim box boasts two 8″ subs, one of which is a passive radiator that extends lower bass frequencies, enhancing the overall performance of the closed box. We’ve even designed it to be down-firing, maximizing the benefits of “corner” loading for extra gain. The single 2Ohm coil is perfectly matched with smaller monoblock amplifiers such as the ZXM500.1, making it an ideal choice for those seeking top-tier sound quality in a limited space.

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Immerse yourself in premium sound without compromising space or performance with the ZX28PBS a solution for optimal subwoofer performance in a compact design. This slim enclosure houses two 8-inch subs.

Designed for efficiency and precision, the down-firing configuration of the ZX28PBS maximizes the advantages of “corner” loading, leveraging its placement for additional gain and enhanced bass delivery. This strategic design ensures that every note and beat is delivered with exceptional clarity and depth.

The single 2Ohm coil is meticulously engineered to perfectly complement smaller monoblock amplifiers, such as the ZXM500.1, creating an optimal pairing for those seeking top-tier sound quality in limited spaces.

the ZX28PBS offers unparalleled sound quality and performance in a compact form factor. It’s precision engineering, delivering exceptional audio fidelity in a limited space.

Experience the richness of detailed bass and elevate your audio experience with the ZX28PBS.

ZX28PBS Specifications:

250W Max Power
150W RMS
2 x 8” Enclosure
Sealed enclosure
Passive radiator
Impedance Dual 2Ohm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 600 x 290 x 130mm

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