The ZR65CS Speakers get rave reviews by CAR & HiFi International magazine.

With the launch of the NEW ZR65CS speakers this month we are excited to read another great test review from CAR & HIFI International.  “Phoenix Gold has been providing us with top-notch amplifiers and subwoofers lately, only holding back on speakers. This is about to change because, with the ZR65CS, Phoenix Gold enters the upper class right away”. Read the full report here.

Elmar Michels said. “With the ZR65CS, Phoenix Gold has created a speaker system that appeals to sound enthusiasts and provides plenty of fun and SPL. A striking combination”.

This is another great achievement for the Phoenix Gold team. The start of the year saw the ZQ9004 concept amplifier win the CAR & HIFI International product of the year award. This was followed by a massive 4.5-star review on the new ZR10P.

Martin Larsson said. “This is a great achievement for our Phoenix Gold team. We are lucky that we have one of the best audio teams in the business. With dedicated investment and a vision to push the Phoenix Gold product line-up forward, the team have been working hard to design, develop and bring to market a host of new products over the last 12 months, with more to come. I am more than pleased with what we have achieved over the last 2 years and we look forward to bringing more great products to market in 2023”.

With the success of the ZQ concept amplifier, we then launched the impressive ZR10P 10-inch powerful compact subwoofer. Again this got another massive 4.5 stars from CAR & HIFI International.

With a good 120 watts, the ZR10P is one of the more powerful under-seat woofers on the market. The sub delivers the decisive bass boost for a clear plus in listening pleasure. 

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