4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter

The 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter is the essential solution for enhancing your vehicle’s audio system. While many vehicles now come with integrated amplifiers, the original OEM system often falls short in terms of performance.

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In today’s automotive landscape, while many modern cars hold integrated amplifiers within their OEM audio systems, the performance often fails to meet the expectations of discerning audiophiles. Upgrading the entire audio infrastructure can be a daunting task, both financially and practically.

Herein is the solution of the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter, a sophisticated audio converter designed to transcend these limitations, revolutionizing your in-car audio experience without necessitating a comprehensive system overhaul.

The 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter emerges as a game-changing solution, bridging the gap between OEM systems and aftermarket audio components seamlessly. Its primary mission is to address the inherent constraints of factory-installed audio configurations. While vehicles nowadays boast built-in amplifiers, the original setup often falls short in delivering the desired sound.

The 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter circumvents these limitations by bypassing OEM resistance whilst eradicating unwanted system noise, opening avenues for enhanced audio performance without compromising your vehicle’s factory settings.

At its core, the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter operates through two high-level inputs meticulously engineered to capture speaker signals originating from your OEM head unit or amplifier. These inputs serve as conduits, channeling the audio stream to a single low-level output. This transformative capability forms the cornerstone of the ZLOC4.4, allowing you to push the boundaries of your existing audio setup.

A standout feature of the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter is its built-in CLIP indicator, a testament to its user-centric design and commitment to audio perfection. This intuitive feature vigilantly monitors the input and output signals for any sign of distortion.

When detected, the CLIP indicator promptly alerts you, enabling real-time adjustments to the output signal, ensuring a pristine, distortion-free audio output. This proactive functionality embodies the ZLOC4.4s commitment to delivering an immaculate auditory journey, devoid of any compromise in audio quality.

Beyond its core functionalities, the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter represents a new step in audio refinement, offering unparalleled control and precision in its design. By mitigating distortion and seamlessly integrating aftermarket components into your OEM setup, it not only enhances audio quality but also encapsulates an immersive auditory experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Moreover, the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter frees you from restricted upgrades to your head unit, eliminating the constraints that previously hindered audio advancements in your vehicle. This solution allows you to elevate your driving experiences, embracing crystal-clear sound quality and immersive bass, courtesy of the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter’s pioneering engineering.

The 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter offers a seamless, cost-effective solution to elevate your audio system’s performance. Elevate your driving experience to new auditory heights, embracing our advanced OEM integration solution. Experience the next level of audio excellence—upgrade your audio journey today with the sophistication and innovation embodied in the 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter.


Phoenix Gold Bass CUBE is built into the ZLOC4.4. This feature allows you to finely tune the bass level by choosing a centre frequency between 20Hz – 110Hz to a level between -9dB to +9dB with a variable Q value.

4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter Specifications

Speaker Input: 4CH

Outputs: 4CH

REM In: Yes

REM Out: Yes

Load Select: 10-Ohm / 60-Ohm / 20K-Ohm

Ground Isolation: GND/ISO/200-Ohm

Gain: Yes,X2

Clipping: Yes,X2

Center Frequency: 20Hz-110Hz

Bass Level: -9 ~ +9dB

Turn On Mode: REM/DC/AUDIO

Input Mode: 2CH/4CH

Remote: None

Dimensions: (LxWxH)mm 150.6x82x24.8mm

Chassis Body: Aluminum

Input Sensitivity: 0.5 to 32V

Operating Voltage: 9 to 32V

Output Voltage: Max. 7.5V @ 14.4V

Max 40V as Input Must be 20K-ohm load

Signal to Noise:  >100dB @6.4V output

Input Impedance: 10-Ohm / 60-Ohm / 20K-Ohm

Frequency Response: 10-30kHz

THD+N: <0.01%

Output Impedance: < 120-ohm

Max Current Draw: 121 – 150 mA

Turn-On Trigger: DC 3 to 7V

Gain: -28 to 0dB

Terminal Gauge: Quick Connect / 16# AWG

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4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter 4 Channel ZLOC4.4 Converter