ZDAUSB3EX – 3M USB A Male – USB A Female extension cable for ZDAP4.6/ZDACT

ZDAUSB3EX – 3M USB A Male – USB A Female extension cable for ZDACT.

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The ZDAUSB3EX is a 3-metre USB A Male to USB A Female extension cable designed to elevate your experience with the ZDA4.6 and ZDACT DSP Controller. The ZDAUSB3EX extension cable serves as an invaluable accessory, specifically tailored to enhance the control and tuning capabilities of your DSP system.

As a 3-metre USB A Male to USB A Female extension cable, its significance lies in its ability to extend the reach of DSP control and tuning.

The ZDAUSB3EX extends the reach of your DSP control capabilities, granting you the flexibility and convenience to fine-tune your audio settings from a distance, without limitations.

This 3-metre extension cable ensures reliable connectivity while maintaining data integrity.

ZDAUSB3EX Specifications:

Compatible with the ZDA4.6 4-channel Amplifier
USB extension suitable ZDA4.6 DSP
3 metres

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