ZPROR25T: Great things come in small packages

Everyone always shouts about ‘bigger is better’ but that’s not always the case. Sometimes smaller items can pack a punch, especially when precision engineering is involved, which is the case with the new Phoenix Gold ZPROR25T, a specially engineered tweeter designed to enhance your audio experience with the purest high frequencies that many other speakers either just miss or fail to promote effectively.

ZPROR25T is a 1″ Pro Audio Tweeter for use with many different applications, sold as a pair these high-quality tweeters have a titanium diaphragm and a voice coil 25mm in diameter. The cast aluminium chassis provides a very robust speaker suitable for a variety of install types.

The ZPROR25T offers impressive power for such small size

These impressively tiny tweeters certainly pack a wallop with a 200W Peak and 100W RMS these are more powerful than many tweeters twice their size. The titanium diaphragm provides a smooth clean sound whilst also having the ability to portray the higher frequencies with the purity and delicateness true audio enthusiasts deserve.

The ZPROR25Ts premium aluminium finish provides an attractive aesthetic in any vehicle its mounted, and with a mounting depth of 69mm and diameter of 25mm this fantastic tweeter is suitable for a wide variety of interior types and styles.

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