Max out your Bass with the NEW ZMAX18PB Subwoofer Box

The ZMAX18PB Subwoofer Box offers Maximum Base whilst maintaining the Purity of Sound

When looking for subwoofers for cars the key feature for many is how much bass can the sub push out whilst maintaining the crisp audio quality expected from a premium audio install.

Often the audio quality can be lost when increasing the bass pressure past certain levels, leaving just deep tones rather than anything discernible as music.

The ZMAX18PB however offers impressive deep bass notes that you can really feel pushed through you whilst maintaining an exciting quality sound output.

Subwoofer Technology at its finest

The ZMAX18PB is an 8 inch subwoofer in a ported enclosure that features powder coated aluminium baskets to help deliver its exceptional bass levels, with a high roll foam surround helping to maximize the performance of the subwoofer.

The subwoofer also features a high-quality 100oz magnet, 2.5 inch voice coil and vented frame and motor to provide better thermal efficiency and reduce motor compression whilst allowing an extended low frequency response.

The sub box itself is carpeted in an attractive heather grey carpet material designed to blend in with many factory boot space materials. Measuring 44.5cm X 26cm X 32.5cm the ZMAX18PB fits in most boots with room to spare.

Its hardwearing MDF construction will withstand the rigors of life with ease allowing for continued use in daily driven vehicles.

Power that packs a punch

With a max power of 1500W and RMS of 500W the ZMAX18PB certainly provides a powerful bass note that will truly complete an in car entertainment system. The sub box also uses push terminals for easy and secure connection allowing a simple installation process.


Box or no Box – No longer a question

If you are simply looking for a quality subwoofer for your car rather than an entire case then make sure you check out the ZMAX82 as this is the same subwoofer just without the case.

This gives you the freedom to choose your own installation type whether it be a custom box of your own creation or different sized enclosure that is more suitable for your installation type, don’t worry we won’t hold it against you.

If you are looking for a premium quality car sub enclosure for your vehicle, look no further than the ZMAX18PB. For more information or to contact us please click the buttons below, or follow us on Social media to keep up with everything going on at Phoenix Gold.