Ultimate Volume from the Phoenix Gold ZPROB654

If you are looking for big sound and massive bass from your vehicles audio system you are often limited only by space rather than your imagination. Phoenix Gold are excited to offer the incredible ZPROB654 full range box, an incredible innovation in in-car audio technology. This 90cm enclosure is fitted with four 6.5-inch 300W speakers and two 3.6-inch 160W tweeters, together pumping out an amazing 1520Watts of pure sound creating a truly amazing audio experience.

Measuring 90cm(W) 24.5cm(L) X 16cm (H) the ZPROB654 is certainly a sizable unit, however it sits well in a variety of different vehicles ranging from small hatchbacks and convertibles all the way up to large pick-up trucks and SUVs. That size allows a resonance that truly staggers providing powerful clean audio that permeates throughout the entire vehicle. The ZPROB654 is suitable for a wide variety of install types, whether it be improving and enhancing on the factory installed speaker system or providing the basis for a fully custom unit built to your own specifications. This exciting audio powerhouse can do it all.

“The ZPROB654 is built to last”

The robust construction of the ZPROB654 means it is not only built to last but to withstand the powerful sound vibrations given out by the four 6.5inch speaker units, the speakers themselves are made up of a durable dual roll cloth surround and a composite woofer cone and can pump out 150watts RMS and 300watts Max. The two tweeters feature a strong aluminium diaphragm, cast aluminium chassis and can push 75watts RMS and 150watts max. This means the entire enclosure has a 760watt RMS and a Max power output of 1520watts, truly impressive figures for a unit of this size and price point.

For more information about the ZPROB654 Active Speaker Enclosure feel free to get in touch with our team, or take a look at our social media to keep up with the latest from Phoenix Gold.