Truck, Saloon or Hatchback, what is the best sound solution for you

Trucks Saloons and hatchbacks! There is a wide range of vehicles on offer these days each with their different strengths and uses. With these vehicles comes their factory sound systems which let’s be honest leave a lot to be desired in most cases. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to the sound experience, they receive in their vehicle. Kitting out your vehicle with an upgraded audio system can be a complicated process especially when space is limited. Which is why Phoenix Gold are here to help. We have fitted improved audio experiences to a wide variety of vehicles over our many years in the industry and can certainly find a solution to your particular audio query. Today we will focus on the big three vehicle types and provide our best recommendations for each vehicle.



In most hatchbacks space is at a premium so having an impressive sound system that blows the doors off isn’t always possible, firstly the boot is smaller so often cannot fit the larger subwoofers often desired for the loud bass note featured in a lot of music. This is where our under-seat active subwoofers come in, these compact products fit stealthily under the seats of the vehicle and provide a smooth bass not you can really feel.



Saloons are one of the most common vehicles on the road and are the favourite of families and fleets alike, they provide enough space inside to give you a comfortable ride while having enough space for luggage and kids. Unfortunately, the factory speaker systems in most saloons are often low on the list for manufacturers priorities, thankfully Phoenix Gold are here to help, we have a range of speakers that will comfortably fit in the factory location, making your audio experience much more enjoyable due to the high-quality manufacturing techniques we have become known for.



Trucks and SUVs generally have the most space and yet the sound systems leave a lot to be desired, simply because that isn’t the manufacturers main focus for off-road and utilitarian vehicles. Well yet again Phoenix Gold are here to change that. We have a wide selection of audio goodies for those who don’t have any space issues to worry about, including out impressive ZPROB654 speaker box which comes with four 6.5 inch speakers and two 3.6 inch tweeters to provide a massive sound improvement over the standard offering, why not pair this with our Z212ABV2 Active subwoofer system which comes with not one but two 12 inch subs to really help you feel the bass.

If you have any other questions about how our systems can fit in your vehicles get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you find a system that will give you the best quality audio experience with the most suitable fitment options for your vehicle.

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