The ZQ9004 returns for a full production run

Phoenix Gold have become known for their fantastic amplifiers over the years, whether it be the original Frank-amp N’Stein, or even the ZEN9, these premium amplifiers helped put Phoenix Gold on the map. Which is why it’s even more exciting when a new concept amplifier enters the product range.

The Phoenix Gold team designed and developed a very special concept amplifier that was really set to make a splash in the European market. The ZQ9004 as it was called sold out within a few days following its launch and even won the prestigious ‘Amplifier of the year’ award from Car and Hifi magazine. 


Fantastic response from all who heard the ZQ9004

The people that listened to the ZQ9004 were amazed at the natural uncompromised sound that featured elements from both the past, present, and future all in one unit. With its class A/B design, the best components available along with being designed and evaluated by industry specialists and the Phoenix Gold team.

The ZQ9004 was a high quality four channel amplifier with a Dual-Power system and an excellent circuit designed to optimise a clean and efficient power supply to feed the final stages of the amp. This top of the range audio set up had been developed as a highly exclusive and valuable specialist audio electronics product. Phoenix Gold are constantly working to meet and exceed the growing demands of audio enthusiasts around the world to give them the ultimate sound experience.


The ZQ9004 was developed by the best

The ZQ9004 was designed by Phoenix Golds master engineers, with over twenty years experience in high end amplification.

To bring this incredible new concept amp to life the engineers insisted on using the best possible components from around the world such as transistors from ON Semiconductor, magnetic core transformers from EPCOS, along with capacitors from the likes of ELNA, Rubycon, Wima and Nichicon.

Often overlooked passive components such as capacitors for example, may not be at the centre of attention but they still form an indispensable part of providing an amplifier that can exceed expectations and wow audio enthusiasts.

The ZQ9004 is back with a new look

The original ZQ9004 is finished in a tasteful brushed silver signifying the premium nature of this concept amplifier and differentiating itself from the rest of the Phoenix Gold amplifier range as a truly limited and desirable innovation. Which certainly worked a treat as the ZQ9004 was so successful that while the concept silver version has sold out Phoenix Gold are excited to launch the new ZQ9004 which features all the original internals of the concept amplifier but comes with a sleek black case with a gold heatsink to complete the Phoenix Gold aesthetic.

Key Features

  • 4 Channel Power Amplifier
  • Low-Level Input
  • Gain Control
  • LED Power & Protection Indicator
  • Mosfet Power Supply
  • Thermal Protection
  • Two-Layer PCB with Immersion Gold Treatment
  • Dual Power Supply
  • 24k Gold-Plated Terminals
  • Nichicon & Wima Capacitors
  • Toshiba & ON Transistors
  • Shielded Transformer Cores
  • High-end Polymer Gain Potentiometers
  • S/N Ratio above 110dB


  • Supply Voltage 11-15V DC
  • Power Output @ 4 ohm 150W x 4
  • Power Output @ 2 ohm 230W x 4
  • Power Output 1 x 460W @ 4 ohm + 2 x 230W @ 2 ohm
  • Frequency Response 10Hz – 55KHz (-3dB)
  • Channel Separation 60dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio +110dB
  • Input Impedance 22K Ohm
  • Input Sensitivity 400mV – 5V
  • T.H.D <0.05%

Why choose Phoenix Gold

Phoenix Gold exists to give you a car audio experience of musical realism that will have you questioning if you’re riding around in a music studio or are sitting in the front row of a rock concert. Our product line is the result of a continued dedication to our key values of performance, innovation, quality, and excellence, bringing you The Gold Standard in Sound.