Speakers, subs and tweeters: What’s the difference?

A lot of high-tech terms get thrown around in the audio world and it can get very complicated when you really get into it. Here at Phoenix Gold, we want to educate people on what they need to know to get the best install possible and provide the pure exciting sound that our products are known for. We sell a large range of products designed to cover all the bases and work together to give you the sound system of your dreams for a reasonable price with that fantastic PG quality that you can rely on. But to get that install right you need to know a little about what you’re talking about so here we are to talk to you about speakers, subs and tweeters and their differences.



Speakers are your most common audio output device, commonly situated in the doors they are designed to handle your mid-range output between 500Hz and 4kHz this includes most audible sounds. However, they are unable to provide extreme high or low outputs leading to a mostly flat dull sound. This is why most installations from the factory will include some form of sub to enhance the sound providing a more exciting pure audio experience.



Subwoofers provide the low-end bass outputs that can permeate most vehicles. Producing your low-end frequencies that normally top out at 200Hz, subs give depth to your audio allowing you to really feel the sound. When really turned up subs can be heard from even outside of the car providing the deep thud sound reminiscent of any supermarket car park after hours.



Tweeters understandably provide the higher-end frequencies and get their name from the high pitched ‘tweet’ of birds. They cover the sounds ranging from 2kHz all the way up to 20kHz, they are generally the smaller style speakers often seen fitted to dashboards, this is because they are very directional so need to be pointed at the vehicle occupants to provide the best sound experience.

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