Phoenix Gold Unleashes the ZD Series

Phoenix Gold are excited to announce the new ZD series of integration products. The ZD series is made for easily upgrading your factory system to something that is much better. Built with improved sound and performance in mind these products are also designed for easy installation. The perfect choice when upgrading your audio.

With a selection of products available from launch in this constantly expanding range, we have a number of speaker kits available in the ZD series. These kits allow you to upgrade your audio technology individually rather than a package. With the two BMW kits featuring a set of 120W speakers with a set of 25mm tweeters in one and a pair of 150W subwoofer upgrade in the other you can focus on the audio aspects you prefer whether it be the pounding bass of the subwoofer or the more delicate high tones provided by the speakers and tweeter combo, these kits give you the choice.


The Volvo kits offer even more versatility with the three kits consisting of a set of 4-inch 60W speakers in one, a pair of 6.5-inch 100W Subs in the second kit and finally a pair of 25mm titanium domed tweeters to provide a variety of options for buyers. This gives full versatility to the system allowing you to integrate various different parts to provide the exact upgrade you’re looking for.

These kits allow drivers to subtly upgrade their audio output, giving them the option to upgrade various parts of their systems, without the need to invest in large expensive kits that overpower the factory features. The plug and play nature of these integration kits give drivers the opportunity to keep their installs subtle and in the factory locations.

Also included in the ZD series of audio products is the ZDA4.6, an extremely versatile Amplifier and Digital Signal Processor, with four 60W RMS in 4 Ohm amplifiers and 6 DSP Output channels this amp offers an incredible variety of options to users. The ZDA4.6 has its own iOS and Android applications meaning it can be controlled completely from your phone. The DSP contains a large selection of possible audio adjustments including, filters, EQ time alignment and much more.

There are also a series of products that are compatible with the ZDA4.6 including the ZDABT. This interface gives you the ability to instantly transform the ZDA4.6 to a Bluetooth audio streaming amplifier allowing you to control your audio from any Bluetooth enabled device or via the smart phone app.


The ZDACT is a specialist controller and the final product in the current ZD series. Used with the ZDA4.6 digital signal processor and amplifier, this controller gives you the ability to control volume and other pre-set functions from the front of the vehicle. It also features a USB port giving you the option to connect your PC in the front, without cables running through the car when making your DSP adjustments to the amplifier.

For more information on the products in the ZD Series please get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to assist you and be sure to stay tuned in to our social channels to see the latest additions to the ZD series of integration products.