#1 Mini Amps Win Product of the Year.

Mini Amps: Phoenix Gold’s ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4: Win Car Audio Amplifiers of the Year

Phoenix Gold has once again taken the car audio industry by storm with the introduction of its compact yet powerful ZXM mini-series. Among these stellar offerings, the ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4 stand out as true gems, embodying the perfect blend of size, weight, practicality, and affordability. Let’s delve into the features that make these amplifiers the coveted “Product of the Year.”

Small, Light, and Practical

The ZXM mini-series from Phoenix Gold is designed with the modern driver in mind. The ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4 are compact and lightweight, making them an ideal choice for those seeking an unobtrusive audio solution without compromising on performance. Whether you’re a daily commuter or a road trip enthusiast, the practicality of these amplifiers shines through, seamlessly integrating into your vehicle without taking up valuable space.

Powerful Performance

Despite their small size, the ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4 pack a punch in performance. The four-channel ZXM500.4 boasts an impressive 4 x 75/130 watts, providing ample power to drive both factory-installed speakers and high-quality aftermarket options. This means you can enjoy crystal-clear audio, whether listening to your favourite podcast or cranking up the volume on your preferred driving soundtrack.

For those who crave that extra bass kick, the ZXM500.1 steps into the limelight, mobilising a formidable 430 watts tailored for a full-blown subwoofer experience. This ensures that every beat, thump, and rumble is felt throughout the vehicle, elevating your audio journey to new heights.

No-Frills Solid Technology

Phoenix Gold understands that sometimes less is more, and the ZXM mini-series embraces this philosophy with its no-frills yet highly effective technology. These amplifiers are built to deliver a reliable and consistent audio experience without unnecessary complexity. The focus is on what matters most – exceptional sound quality and performance.

Affordable Excellence

One of the most appealing aspects of the ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4 mini amps is their affordability. Phoenix Gold has managed to strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and a price point that won’t break the bank. Car audio enthusiasts can enjoy top-notch performance without the premium price tag typically associated with high-quality amplifiers.


In the world of car audio, Phoenix Gold’s ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4 mini amps have rightfully earned the title “Product of the Year.” Their small size, lightweight, practical design, powerful performance, no-frills technology, and affordability make them a standout choice for drivers looking to enhance their audio experience. Elevate your car audio journey with the ZXM mini-series – where excellence meets accessibility.

Mini Amps: ZXM500.1 and ZXM500.4

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