How big is too BIG!

When it comes to car audio a lot of people think biggest is best; bigger subs, bigger amps and bigger speakers rule the day because above all else noise is king. However, in the real world where vehicles need to be driven daily having a giant audio install isn’t always practical, because unfortunately sometimes the kids and the dog want to come along too.

Speakers Subs Tweeters

Big Speakers, Subwoofer and Sound

We have an entire range of speakers that are specially designed to fit into the factory speaker placement so you can retain that subtle install aesthetic whilst massively improving your sound-system over the standard factory offering which are often severely lacking in both noise and quality. It’s not just the PG speakers that can be installed subtly, we also have a range of subwoofers that can be installed under your seat so you can still feel the pure bass of your music whilst avoiding the bulky sub boxes that take up space and don’t offer the same feeling as having the bass right beneath you. Our amps are also especially compact so can be installed almost anywhere, the convenient design allows you to retain the factory practicality while giving your new install the power boost it needs.

But if you are looking to take your install to the next level and push the limit of what’s possible, we here at PG are happy to oblige and can offer you a range of installs options that include our impressive 12 inch subs in our large base boxes, even the Z212ABV2 which comes with a dual 12 inch active setup. Our top end speaker offering has to be the ZPROB654 1520W Speaker box which comes with four, yes FOUR 6.5 inch speakers and two 3.6 inch tweeters and is designed to deliver massive volume while retaining the sounds purity. We have a large selection of premium amplifiers suitable for powering a range of installs your best option is to take a look at our amps and see what best suits your setup.

For more information on the selection of Phoenix Gold products or to discuss your install options, feel free to get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help.

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