Feel the Bass from the ZR10P Compact Subwoofer

Often due to their substantial size and power requirements subwoofers have to be relegated to the back of the vehicle in the boot, almost as far away from the vehicles occupants as possible. This makes the powerful bass notes less effective in really making you feel the sound and negatively effecting the overall audio experience, the ZR10P removes this issue.

The ZR10P is a 10-inch powerful compact subwoofer suitable for a variety of different vehicles. The small compact nature of the ZR10P gives it multiple mounting options including right under the driver’s seat. Measuring just 340mm X 245mm X 78mm this product allows for discreet installation, meaning it can remain almost unnoticed until it makes its presence known when the stereo is switched on. This fantastic subwoofer really boosts the bass feeling of your audio system allowing you to really feel the vibrations right through your body.

The ZR10P is Compact and powerful

This powerful subwoofer will enhance your audio feel thanks to its 200W RMS (400W Max) output along with its 0-12db variable bass boost. The Subwoofer retains the interior space of a vehicle extremely well allowing for a luggage space not overwhelmed by sizable bass boxes.

The compact size of the sub is teamed with a durable aluminium casing to provide a strong rugged unit that can take a beating whilst maintaining a fantastic bass sound especially useful in rough environments such as commercial vehicles or campervans.

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