Amplifiers: No system is better than the weakest link!

For audio, this is more true than ever. We usually come across very unbalanced systems. The systems could either be sonically unbalanced or worse unbalanced in the supply of power…

An Example, Your very expensive amplifier delivering 3000 Watts needs current to produce that power. If your current supply is not enough you will never reach the 3000 watts you want out of it. So make sure your power supply side is at the same level as the Amplifiers to get the power you want, and if your power supply is really weak it might get damaged and your warranty will be void.

OK, how do I know if I have enough power supply for my Amplifier?

Easy use a voltmeter at the amplifier and check how much voltage you draw playing at high volume when your car is in idle mode. If the voltage drops under 12,5-13 volts… you need to upgrade your, cables, charging or Batteries. Find the
weakest link and make it stronger…

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