ZTSV65 Volvo Speaker Upgrade Kit

The ZTSV65 is a plug-and-play system specially designed for Volvo FH & FM Trucks. This woofer and tweeter combo features plug-and-play connectors.

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The ZTSV65 is a plug-and-play system specially designed for Volvo FH & FM Trucks. This woofer and tweeter combo designed for seamless integration features plug-and-play connectors, simplifying installation for Volvo trucks.

This system is equipped with 6 & 12dB filters, including tweeter damping, ensuring an audio output that is clear of distortions. This makes for a superior listening experience, setting the stage for a truly premium audio upgrade within your vehicle. The kit has an excellent high frequency and a power lower-end bass sound.

The tweeter is a 25mm soft dome tweeter with a Neodymium magnet. The kit includes individual mid-range cable filters and a tweeter for easy installation. The tweeter filter also has two steps of level to easily adjust the sound level of the tweeter depending on the installation.

With the technical specifications, the 6.5-inch woofer boasts a power handling of 60W RMS and a peak power handling of 120W, paired with a sensitivity of 89dB. The 25mm voice coil ensures optimal performance, complementing the 6dB cable filter set at 4000Hz for precise sound control.

Full mounting instructions for the kit are included in the package.

The kit is made for left and right door mountings and replaces the original dual paper cone speaker with a high-end dual concentric coaxial speaker to provide fantastic performance across the entire frequency range, making them truly impressive when compared to the standard factory offering or even higher priced options.

ZTSV65 Product Specifications:

6.5″ Woofer
– Power Handling (RMS) 60w
– Peak Power Handling 120w
– Sensitivity (1W/M) 89dB
– Voice Coil size (mm) 25mm
– 6db cable filter at 4000Hz

1″ Tweeter
– Power Handling (RMS) 20w
– Peak Power Handling 40w
– Tweeter Material silk
– Sensitivity (1W/M) 91dB
– 12db cable filter
– 2 level settings (0dB, -2dB)
– Mounting depth (mm) 20mm

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