ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit

The ZDAPH1 is a DSP Power up kit for a range of Honda vehicles (for a full model list please view Vehicle Applications). This power up kit consists of a variety of technology designed to improve the overall audio output of a vehicle. The ZDAPH1 includes a DSP Amplifier and plug and play harnesses. And best of all the kit will work with the Phoenix Gold ZDSK speakers or even your factory installed speaker system, allowing you to enhance your audio in whatever way you choose.

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ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit

ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit, an exceptional audio enhancement solution meticulously designed for a wide range of Honda vehicles. This innovative ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit allows you to elevate your in-car audio experience to new heights, surpassing the limitations of the original audio system. With the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit, you can appreciate superior sound quality, precision, and customization tailored to your taste.

The core of the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit is its powerful 400W DSP Amplifier, delivering an impressive 800W maximum power output (400W RMS). This cutting-edge amplifier ensures your music is reproduced with clarity and high-fidelity, taking your audio experience to the next level. It seamlessly complements both the Phoenix Gold ZDSK speakers and your factory-installed speaker system, granting you the freedom to choose the perfect audio setup for your preferences.

One of the standout features of the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit is its invisible integration into your vehicle’s existing audio system. This ensures a seamless and professional installation that harmoniously blends with your car’s aesthetics.

Complete control over your audio settings, thanks to the DSP Processing and bespoke software available for easy download. Personalize your soundstage to suit your unique preferences and immerse yourself in an unparalleled listening experience. With a 6-channel DSP featuring 6 x RCA outputs, the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit provides exceptional flexibility for connecting additional audio components, enabling you to expand your audio system effortlessly.

Compatibility concerns are a thing of the past with the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit’s plug and play harness, ensuring it works agreeably with a wide array of Honda models. This all-in-one solution makes installation a breeze and eliminates the need for any additional accessories.

The ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit’s Signal-to-Noise (S/N) ratio of 102dB guarantees crystal-clear audio with minimal background noise. This ensures that every note and lyric is delivered with pristine precision, elevating your music-listening experience to extraordinary levels.

Unlock the potential of your audio system with DSP control, offering exclusive functionalities like Subwoofer RCA output on ch 5-6. This allows you to connect a subwoofer for a powerful low-frequency response, adding depth and impact to your favourite tracks.

Convenience and versatility are paramount with the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit, which features a remote out for running an additional amp or active subwoofer. The Start/Stop functionality ensures that your audio system powers on and off with your vehicle, providing an effortless and seamless experience.

The ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit offers an upgrade path with the optional ZDABT. This add-on unlocks music streaming and app control features, allowing you complete command over your audio system via your favourite devices.

The ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit is the ultimate solution for transforming your Honda vehicle’s audio experience. Immerse yourself in captivating sound, effortless installation, and personalized audio customization. Elevate your in-car entertainment with the ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit and indulge in exceptional audio quality on every drive.


• Quick and easy install
• No modifications needed on the vehicle
• Invisible integration
• Sound quality superior to the original one
• No additional accessories required
• All in one box
• Use ch 5-6 for Subwoofer RCA output
• DSP Processing & Bespoke software available to download
• 800W MAX (400W RMS) DSP Power Amplifier
• Software for standard audio and external subwoofer is available
• Complete with plug and play harness
• 4x60W RMS @ 4Ohm with DSP control (4x100W 2 Ohm)
• 6 Channel DSP with 6 x RCA output
• Full DSP functionality
• S/N Ratio 102dB
• PC software control through USB
• Remote out for running additional amp or active subwoofer
• Start / Stop functionality
• Upgrade with music streaming and app control is available (ZDABT)


ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit

Why choose the Phoenix Gold ZD Series?

The Phoenix Gold ZD Series is an exceptional product line offering a wide range of options to enhance your audio experience.

Whether you’re in search of a simple kit or a comprehensive amplified system, the Phoenix Gold ZD Series provides an effortless installation process, seamlessly replacing your original system without any modifications to your vehicle’s environment. It’s as simple as plug, play, and enjoy.

With an extensive compatibility list, our product line caters to multiple car manufacturers and models. We understand that choosing the right audio system can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve developed the ZD Series.

The Phoenix Gold ZD Series, with immersive surround sound, is designed to meet all your audio needs. Upgrade your car with the ZD Series and say goodbye to complicated installations and generic audio systems. Enjoy superior sound quality design for your vehicle with the Phoenix Gold ZD Series!

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Phoenix Gold exists to give you a car audio experience of musical realism that will have you questioning if you’re riding around in a music studio or are sitting in the front row of a rock concert. Our product line is the result of a continued dedication to our key values of performance, innovation, quality, and excellence, bringing you The Gold Standard in Sound.

ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit ZDAPH1 Honda DSP Power Up Kit

Vehicle Application

Vehicle Make Model Year Model Note Fitment
Honda Accord 2008 – 2017 Basic Sound System
Honda Civic 2011 – 2016 Basic Sound System
Honda CR-V 2013 – 2017 Basic Sound System
Honda Fit 2008 – 2015 Basic Sound System
Honda Freed 2008 – 2016 Basic Sound System
Honda Insight 2009 – 2015 Basic Sound System
Honda Jazz 2008 – 2015 Basic Sound System
Honda Mobilio 2014 → Basic Sound System
Honda Odyssey 2008 → Basic Sound System
Honda Pilot 2008 – 2015 Basic Sound System
Honda Ridgeline 2009 – 2014 Basic Sound System