Z12D4 12″ 1600W Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer

The Z12D4 is a 12-inch 1600Watt Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer designed to give high performance bass and an amazing sound. Where most entry line woofers feature 1.5” voice coils, Phoenix Gold’s Z Series subwoofers feature long wound 2.0” high temp copper voice coils which allows for 40mm of peak-to-peak excursion. This results in an ability to create deep, accurate bass in vented or sealed enclosures.

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the Z12D4, an exceptional 12-inch 1600Watt Dual 4-Ohm Subwoofer crafted to deliver high-performance bass and an immersive sound experience. Unlike most entry-level woofers featuring 1.5” voice coils, the Phoenix Gold Z Series subwoofers redefine standards with their long-wound 2.0” high-temp copper voice coils, enabling an impressive 40mm of peak-to-peak excursion.

This results in an ability to create bass in vented or sealed enclosures. With a mounting depth of just 159mm this impressive sub offers practical mounting options in a variety of situations.

Despite its impressive performance capabilities, the Z12D4 maintains a sleek profile with a mounting depth of just 159mm. This compact design offers practical mounting options across a variety of installations, providing flexibility without compromising on sound quality.

Featuring easy-connect speaker terminals, the Z12D4 ensures effortless integration into almost any setup. Its black anodized aluminum former and high-roll rubber stitched surround not only contribute to its exceptional performance but also cater to a wide range of installation styles.

With its impressive power handling of 1600Watt Dual 4-Ohm, this subwoofer is designed to excel in various audio setups. The Z12D4 delivers uncompromising performance.

Z12D4 Product Specifications:
  • 400Watt RMS Power
  • 1600W MAX Power
  • 2x 4 Ohm voice coils
  • 40mm peak to peak excursion
  • 2” (50mm) High temp copper voice coils
  • Easy connect speaker terminals
  • Black anodized aluminium former
  • High roll rubber stitched surround
  • Optimised for sealed or vented enclosures
  • Long-throw spider suspension
  • Dual cone design
  • Mounting depth 6.26″ / 159mm
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Phoenix Gold exists to give you a car audio experience of musical realism that will have you questioning if you’re riding around in a music studio or are sitting in the front row of a rock concert. Our product line is the result of a continued dedication to our key values of performance, innovation, quality, and excellence, bringing you The Gold Standard in Sound.

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