A team of passionate Automotive technology enthusiasts

The team here at Phoenix Gold have always been passionate automotive technology enthusiasts, we get just as excited as our community does whenever a new product is launched. We work hard to make sure the range of products is suitable for anyone, be it a hardcore Phoenix fan or someone looking to build their first install, we make sure our products are simple and affordable for a broad range of price brackets to make sure everyone is well catered for.

Phoenix Gold, Automotive Technology

Experience & passion developing premium tech

Our development teams are constantly working to develop new automotive technology products that not only innovate and push our industry forward but also surprise, excite and entertain our community of audio lovers across the globe. We consistently want to push the limits of what our products can do and make sure they are built from the highest quality components and materials to ensure they can withstand anything you throw at them whilst providing the high-end audio experience you expect.


Being part of a company that has some of the largest and most successful audio and integration brands like Stinger, Connects2 and PAC on the planet, ‘Automotive Technology’ is in our DNA. With the collective knowledge, technology and manufacturing techniques we have garnered from these brands we can ensure higher quality, better support and more innovation cementing Phoenix Gold as a shining light in the audio industry.

Over the 36 years we have worked hard to grow our reputation as a global sound icon, and we aim to serve our customers wherever they are. We have grown our broad distribution network to be based across the world to offer universal support and assistance to any of our customers. Our global locations ensure our customers are supported wherever they are using our products.